THE FACE SHOP Real Natural Mask Calendula

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The Face Shop Real Natural Mask Calendula is designed with a triple-layered cellulose cotton, which has layers soaked in different essences. It is designed to increase absorption as it allows the skin more time to soak in the essence, leaving the skin feeling ultra moisturised and soothed. It's infused with Calendula which is perfect for skin that suffers from redness or any irritation, Calendula is a powerful natural ingredient known to soothe and calm the skin, even sensitive skin.

Calendula  has anti-inflammatory and decongestive properties, which can provide rich moisture to the skin and allows the skin feel refreshed. Let your skin breathe again with this gentle yet effective sheet mask!

How to use the THE FACE SHOP Real Natural Mask Calendula:

First things first, put your feet up and relax. Sheet masks give you the chance to have a quiet moment - a time to be introspective, unwind and find a small moment of peace.

  1. Apply toner after washing your face.
  2. Apply the mask sheet evenly on your face.
  3. After 15-20 minutes, remove the sheet and gently pat your face to promote absorption.   Apply any residue essence onto your neck and hands for an all purpose treatment!

Tip: Why not pop the sheet mask in the fridge for half hour for extra cooling effect!

1 sheet

23 ml/ 0.77 fl. oz.

Discard after use