About us

Hey guys, my name's Ting and I'm a cosmetics junkie...

I'm totally obsessed with makeup and skin care products. Simple as that.

So, some time ago, I got really hooked on some amazing Korean skincare products. They were such brilliant quality, totally unique and so much fun - I was hooked. It turns out South Korea have one of the most progressive and exciting cosmetics industries in the world.... those guys are decades ahead of the UK for skincare goodies! 

I spent some time trying to find other brands and products from Korea but it turns out there's really not much available to us in the UK. 

Ever the impatient little skincare fiend, I set about trying to solve this problem with my ever-suffering partner, Phil.

Cue Lengbox!

We decided to design and curate our Lengboxes as a way for you to discover and experience the most innovative and cutest Korean beauty products there is.

In your Lengbox you're likely to find anything from super-hydrating snail face masks, the cutest make up accessories to a banana-shaped hand creams that smells so good you'll want to eat them!

We wanted to give you the opportunity to fall in love with Asian beauty and skincare products, the same as I did.

Lengbox brings you the most gorgeous and bad-ass Korean beauty products direct to your door.

Welcome to the Lengbox way of living.

Ting xoxo