Leng Rewards


Introducing our exclusive rewards program just for you! Join Leng Rewards to redeem your points for discounts directly at your checkout, or use them to get exclusive freebies, samples and so much more! You can start collecting points by leaving reviews, sharing a wishlist or asking a question and so much more!


Already a Lengbox customer? You can get a free £5 voucher by referring a friend, they will also be rewarded with a £5 voucher to spend on their first shop too! Here's how to get your free £5 voucher!

1) Make sure you are a Lengbox customer with a registered Lengbox account

2) Click the Rewards button in the bottom right corner of the page (gift box icon as shown in the image below), then sign in to your Lengbox account.

 lengbox referral program gift rewards

3) Click 'Referral Program', as shown below.

 Lengbox £5 referral program

4) You'll be presented with a link that you can copy (circled in green in the image below). Copy the link and share with your friend!

lengbox rewards

5) Copy the code and send it to your friend, alternatively, you can share this via the social options under the code. Your friend will receive their £5 voucher that they can redeem on their first shop (Order must be £65+). Once they spend over £65, you will then receive a £5 voucher that you can also redeem on a Lengbox shop (£60+)!

Read the full Leng Rewards & Refer a Friend T&C's here.




Ask a question 10 points
Reward on birthday 15 points
Create account 20 points
Facebook share 10 points
Follow on Instagram 10 points
Leave review 20 points
Leave photo review +20 points
Subscribe to newsletter 10 points
Place order 8 points / £1
Punch card 10 points
Share a wishlist 5 points



To get started, sign up to our rewards program by clicking the pink rewards icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. Then visit www.lengbox.com and place an order! 


How do I spend my Lengbox points?

It's easy, simply log into your customer account and click on the launcher (pink rewards icon) on the bottom left hand corner. Spend your points directly at the checkout, or under the 'Rewards' section, click 'Redeem' next to the reward that you want to claim!

Where can I use my Leng rewards points?

You can use your rewards points for purchase in our online store or on your next recurring subscription plan!

How much does it cost to join?

There is ZERO cost to join - this is a totally free perk for you as a thank you from Lengbox. 

Is there a limit to how many Lengbox points I can get?

No, you can collect as many points as you wish!

Is there a limit to how many Lengbox review points I can get?

The limit is one review per product you have ordered from Lengbox, you get more points for photo reviews!

How many times can my rewards coupon code be used?

Once - The code you receive through your rewards program is a one off code that will expire after being used for a purchase.

Do my points ever expire?

If you have not earned or spent points for one calendar year (365 days), your points will expire and disappear. 

Can I use my rewards coupon with another promotion code?

Unfortunately, no. You can only choose one code in your checkout cart.


Watch the short video below that shows where the Lengbox account set up is and the different ways you can earn points. Now you can start earning your Leng Rewards!