• Oil Control Sheet Mask Set (4)
  • Oil Control Sheet Mask Set (4)

Oil Control Sheet Mask Set (4)

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Excess sebum and oily skin? Whether it's caused by stress, the weather, genetics or hormones the key is to find the right routine and product to combat and prevent it. This selection of sheet masks are formulated to help combat oil build up on the skin.

The Lengbox Oily Sheet Mask Set includes 4 separate sheet masks that are perfect for clearing and preventing excess sebum production.

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How to use sheet masks:
First things first, put your feet up and relax. Sheet masks give you the chance to have a quiet moment - a time to be introspective, unwind and find a small moment of peace. 
1) Apply sheet mask onto a clean and dry face
2) Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then discard after use
3) Apply any residue essence onto your neck and hands for an all purpose treatment!

Tip: Why not pop the sheet mask in the fridge for half an hour before using it for an extra cooling effect!

Full List of Ingredients

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4 separate sheets