Normalising Self-Care & Self-Love

Lengbox Korean skincare & kbeauty online shop UK business

Ok so I wasn’t going to post this, but then I thought to myself... you know what, you deserve this!
I’ve been giving shout outs to other incredible business owners to celebrate world entrepreneur day, and I’ve decided that I shall give myself a pat on the back too 😅

They say that you can be own your worst critic (this is me down to a T), so I’m posting this not because I want to boast, but because I want to play my part in NORMALISING self-care and self-love.
I have a platform, so I should use it for good.

If you know me well, then you’ll know that me chatting about myself in this way makes me uncomfortable, but I believe that what makes you vulnerable and brings you out of your comfort zone, can only lead to growth.

I’m a one woman band running Lengbox, and I’ve showed up for myself every day, even on the days that I don’t feel like it.
I left a secure job to pursue my dream of running @lengbox full time.
I’ve been there for every pop up, tradeshow, stall, email, social post and every website, packaging and design process.
As a business owner, I wear many different hats (or wigs in my case), but I love what I do and the people that I’ve met through @lengbox - friends, followers, business partners, other business owners and customers ❤️

I created Lengbox to inspire your self-care discovery. I started Lengbox because I want to create an empowering community where you can achieve your skin goals and have fun at the same time.
Thank you all for joining me ❤️

Ting xx